NQuIRE Training Resources Tab

1. Introduction to iaBPG Centre and BPSO Program

    1.1 Welcome and Introduction

2. Introduction to Evaluation and NQuIRE System

    2.1 Getting Started Guide
    2.2 Data Quality and Data Management Guide for BPSO
    2.3 NQuIRE Glossary
    2.4 User Manual

3. System Training

    3.1 Registration
    3.1.1 Create a BPSO Lead User Account
    3.1.2 Add / Change your BPSO's Best Practice Guidelines and Indicators
    3.1.3 Add / Change BPSO Locations
    3.1.4 Add / Change Implementation Sites
    3.1.5 Register a Site User and Add / Change Site Demographic Information
    3.1.6 Add / Change your Site's Best Practice Guidelines and Indicators
    3.2 Submitting Data
    3.2.1 Submit Data using Online Forms
    3.2.2 Submit Data using Uploaded Files
    3.2.3 Data Import Template Quick Reference Guide
    3.3 NQuIRE Reports
    3.3.1 Using NQuIRE BPG Indicator Reports
    3.3.2 Using NQuIRE BPG Indicator Overlay Reports
    3.3.3 Configuring and Using NQuIRE BPSO OHT BPG Indicator Reports
  • For Ontario BPSOs involved in Best Practice Spotlight Organization Ontario Health Team (BPSO OHT) designation
    3.3.4 Configuring NQuIRE BPSO Dashboards
    3.4 NQuIRE Evidence booster
    3.4.1 NQuIRE Evidence Booster Instruction Manual
    3.4.2 Adding an Organizational BPSO Logo for the Evidence Booster
    3.4.3 How to Create an Evidence Booster in NQuIRE
    3.5 Security
    3.5.1 System Security

4. Evaluation Training

    4.1 NQuIRE Indicators & Data Dictionaries
    4.1.1 Indicator Development Process
    4.1.2 How to Read a Data Dictionary
    4.1.3 Indicator Selection
    4.1.4 Care Days Reference Manual
    4.2 Data Collection and Sampling
    4.2.1 NQuIRE Sampling Procedure
    4.2.3 Data Collection and Sampling
    4.3 Data Quality
    4.3.1 Data Quality Considerations and Data Management
    4.3.2 Interpreting NQuIRE Reports
    4.3.3 Data Quality Guide

5. BPG Order Sets

    5.1 Order Sets: Simplifying BPG Implementation and NQuIRE Data